Leaf Shave Razor: 6+ Months Later

Okay, so I talk about this razor a ton on my blog, but it is for good reason. I wasn’t even going to write an update for this razor, but something happened recently that I thought I should point out to any of you guys still on the fence about getting one.  First off, letContinue reading “Leaf Shave Razor: 6+ Months Later”

6 Month Update: Transitioning to Zero Waste

Six months later and I’m still not a perfect zero waster, but really, is anybody? Some of my favorite people in this movement have been doing it for over ten years, and they even admit that they aren’t completely zero waste. In fact, I don’t believe it is possible to be completely zero waste, evenContinue reading “6 Month Update: Transitioning to Zero Waste”

6 Month Update: Only Buying Secondhand Clothes

I started out 2020 with the hope that I would save money, help save the environment, and also minimize my closet even more. With the end of June coming up, it has been a total of six months of me trying to change my preconceived notions and learned habits to become a genuine thrifter ofContinue reading “6 Month Update: Only Buying Secondhand Clothes”