How to Thrift/Secondhand Shop on Etsy

Since quarantine 2.0 seems to be inching its way closer and closer around the corner, I’ve mostly resulted to looking for things to buy online in my boredom. It is a terrible habit that I have only broken in the sense that I do not actually buy any of the things that I shop forContinue reading “How to Thrift/Secondhand Shop on Etsy”

Thrifting Only for a Year: My New Year’s Resolution

As 2020 comes to a start, I’ve found that my major goal this year is to spend less and be a more ethical consumer. I’m really looking to save money, but when I spend it, I want to give it towards products and companies that have ethical practices and create products with a low impactContinue reading “Thrifting Only for a Year: My New Year’s Resolution”