Update: 4 Months with the LastSwab

So when I made my original review for the LastSwab, I really wasn’t that impressed (review here). Marketing made me believe that the LastSwab would be the last swab I ever bought, but then their packaging said that the LastSwab only actually lasted for about 1,000 uses. And then the build of the swab wasContinue reading “Update: 4 Months with the LastSwab”

Update: Love, Beauty, and Planet Shampoo Bar with Soft Water

So this October, I posted a review about Love, Beauty, and Planet’s shampoo bars (review here), but I ran into a little problem. I was at my college campus, which only gives me access to hard water in my apartment. If you don’t already know, some shampoo bars just do not work with hard water,Continue reading “Update: Love, Beauty, and Planet Shampoo Bar with Soft Water”

Updated 2021 Zero Waste Wishlist

Whenever I talk about zero waste and zero waste swaps, I always try to stress the importance of either doing without, finding other alternatives with things that you already have, or even trying to make it yourself instead of buying that swap outright. But what about for products that you can’t really do that forContinue reading “Updated 2021 Zero Waste Wishlist”

How to Properly Use/Test Out Your Shampoo Bar

While using a shampoo. bar isn’t particularly anything super daunting, it can be somewhat of a learning curve compared to liquid shampoo. It is also super important to know how to properly use your shampoo bar so that you can make sure that you are getting the most out of the product and if itContinue reading “How to Properly Use/Test Out Your Shampoo Bar”

How to Find the Best Shampoo Bar For You

The biggest problem I’ve faced in my zero waste journey is spending money on shampoo bars that ultimately just don’t work for me or my hair. It can be really discouraging to buy a shampoo bar with over a thousand 4 and 5 star reviews to just have it not work for you. Over thisContinue reading “How to Find the Best Shampoo Bar For You”

Trying Love, Beauty, and Planet’s Shampoo Bar: Zero Waste Review

If you keep up with my posts on this blog, then you may be aware of my disdain for a certain company owned by one of the largest plastic waste contributors in the world. Love, Beauty, and Planet is a brand owned by Unilever, a company that owns close to 200 brands, most of whichContinue reading “Trying Love, Beauty, and Planet’s Shampoo Bar: Zero Waste Review”

Colgate’s New Sustainable Mouthwash Swish – Zero Waste Review

Like I’ve said many times on this blog. My Instagram feed gives me a ton of ideas on what to do for new content, especially now that Instagram Reels has come of age and more people, especially in the zero waste community are using it. I love watching them and getting new ideas and newContinue reading “Colgate’s New Sustainable Mouthwash Swish – Zero Waste Review”

Native’s New Paper Packaging: A Win for The Environment

Native is known as being one of the best mainstream natural/aluminum free deodorants on the market right now, but I still felt a little guilty buying it over some other alternative since it came in plastic. I know that a lot of people in the zero waste community, including myself, reached out to Native askingContinue reading “Native’s New Paper Packaging: A Win for The Environment”

The Hardest Zero Waste Swaps for Me to Find

I have been diligently trying to switch my life to being more sustainable and ethical one product at a time, but as seasons change, and new predicaments in my life pop up, I’m finding that there are just some zero waste swaps that I cannot find to fit my life.  This is very frustrating toContinue reading “The Hardest Zero Waste Swaps for Me to Find”

Zero Waste Swaps that You Should Never Go Out and Buy

It’s very tempting when you’re starting zero waste to just go out and buy what you don’t have, and for some things, like safety razor or reusable menstrual cup, that makes sense since you don’t already own one of those. But for so many other swaps that you see on the internet, I can guaranteeContinue reading “Zero Waste Swaps that You Should Never Go Out and Buy”