Good Molecules Affordable Skincare: Zero Waste Review

My Instagram feed has been giving me plenty to write about this past month, and it also has been causing me to spend a bit more money than I would like to admit. An ad that I got recently that I had never seen before was from a brand called Good Molecules. They boast offeringContinue reading “Good Molecules Affordable Skincare: Zero Waste Review”

My Low-Waste Skincare Routine

I stopped wearing makeup about two-ish years ago and now I only put on mascara whenever I feel like it. I will admit that I have put on a full face of makeup for special occasions and stuff like Halloween, but when it comes to everyday, I’m probably not wearing any at all. During myContinue reading “My Low-Waste Skincare Routine”

I Bought Zero Waste Skincare and Hair Products from an Etsy Seller

By the end of April, I could see that my shampoo bar, facial cleansing bar, and body lotion that I normally buy were running a little low. Instead of buying the same products from the same brands that I normally do, I decided that it was time for me to branch out and help aContinue reading “I Bought Zero Waste Skincare and Hair Products from an Etsy Seller”