I Bought a Metal Tongue Scraper: Zero Waste Review

As I said in my Native Birds toothbrush review, I also got a stainless steel tongue scraper with my order. I’ve honestly been wanting a tongue scraper for a while because I have always had a real problem with bad breath and an ashy tongue. It seemed as though no matter how much I brushedContinue reading “I Bought a Metal Tongue Scraper: Zero Waste Review”

Native Birds Bamboo Toothbrush: Zero Waste Review

So let me start this off with the fact that normally I wouldn’t review a regular manual toothbrush, but I felt like this was necessary because I honestly get asked a lot what kind of bamboo toothbrush that I use. Up until recently, I was using the bamboo toothbrushes that my mom found for meContinue reading “Native Birds Bamboo Toothbrush: Zero Waste Review”

Leaf Shave Razor Review – Is This $80 Razor Worth It?

DISCLAIMER: Leaf Shave has no idea that I am doing this review and are in no way a sponsor of mine. All opinions stated are my own. So as I started my zero waste journey, one of the things recommended most is to switch from disposable razors to a safety razor. According to Wikipedia, aContinue reading “Leaf Shave Razor Review – Is This $80 Razor Worth It?”