What is TerraCycle and How to Use It

If you look on the back of some plastic products, you may have noticed an infinity style logo for a company called TerraCycle where you would normally see a regular old recycling icon. So what is TerraCycle and how can you utilize it? TerraCycle is a privately owned, U.S. based recycling company that works toContinue reading “What is TerraCycle and How to Use It”

Projects to Upcycle Old T-Shirts

Sometimes you will find yourself with more t-shirts than you can possibly wear, and some in worse shape than others. When that ratty old t-shirt is in such bad shape that you feel bad donating them for someone else to own, or there is some sentimental attachment to the shirt, perhaps upcycling is better. HereContinue reading “Projects to Upcycle Old T-Shirts”