Native’s New Paper Packaging: A Win for The Environment

Native is known as being one of the best mainstream natural/aluminum free deodorants on the market right now, but I still felt a little guilty buying it over some other alternative since it came in plastic. I know that a lot of people in the zero waste community, including myself, reached out to Native askingContinue reading “Native’s New Paper Packaging: A Win for The Environment”

Tips for Cutting Your Plastic Consumption

When you start to think about living a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle, one fact seems to begin to haunt you: plastic is everywhere and all around us. Once you are aware of plastic and its detrimental toll on the environment, you being to realize just how much of our daily lives have been invadedContinue reading “Tips for Cutting Your Plastic Consumption”

Loop: All Your Favorite Brands but Waste Free

Loop is a global circular shopping platform designed to eliminate the idea of waste by transforming the products and packaging of everyday items from single-use to durable, multi-use, feature-packed designs. Loop allows you to send back your packaging for cleaning and refilling so that you can enjoy living with less waste.  What do they offer?Continue reading “Loop: All Your Favorite Brands but Waste Free”

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping in Walmart: My Experience

As a very budget-conscious college student living in Sioux City, Iowa, I don’t have many zero waste shops at my disposal to shop at whenever I need groceries. Whenever I go shopping for anything, I mostly go to Dollar Tree and Walmart. This can be very hard to shop plastic-free, and I have yet toContinue reading “Zero Waste Grocery Shopping in Walmart: My Experience”