Zero Waste Gift Guide – Christmas 2020

2020 is coming to an end (thank goodness!) and that means that the holiday season is upon us. With that, it can always seem hard to figure out what all to get your friends and family, or maybe you can’t figure out what to put on your own list? Well here I am to giveContinue reading “Zero Waste Gift Guide – Christmas 2020”

Leaf Shave Razor: 6+ Months Later

Okay, so I talk about this razor a ton on my blog, but it is for good reason. I wasn’t even going to write an update for this razor, but something happened recently that I thought I should point out to any of you guys still on the fence about getting one.  First off, letContinue reading “Leaf Shave Razor: 6+ Months Later”

Leaf Shave Razor Review – Is This $80 Razor Worth It?

DISCLAIMER: Leaf Shave has no idea that I am doing this review and are in no way a sponsor of mine. All opinions stated are my own. So as I started my zero waste journey, one of the things recommended most is to switch from disposable razors to a safety razor. According to Wikipedia, aContinue reading “Leaf Shave Razor Review – Is This $80 Razor Worth It?”