The Four Important Rules of Zero Waste

Using What You Already Have As a huge part of my zero waste journey, I have had to learn one of the more important rules of living a low waste life. Using up what you already have. It is a simple rule that many people who are attempting zero waste don’t even realize. But usingContinue reading “The Four Important Rules of Zero Waste”

How to Keep an African Violet Alive

African Violets are known for their velvet leaves and their beautiful deep purple, magenta, and white flowers. They are a beautiful addition to any window sill, but are notorious for being fickle and hard to care for. My grandmother kept African violets in her home since I was a little girl, and she always said,Continue reading “How to Keep an African Violet Alive”

Best Exercises to Get Rid of Hip Dips

With the emergence of the new ideal fit body shape for women, some of us have more problems with others getting our bottoms to look as good as the top. One of the main culprits for a lot of body negativity are hip dips. Hip dips are caused by the skin being attached to theContinue reading “Best Exercises to Get Rid of Hip Dips”

How I Found My Perfect Prom Dress for Under $50

Oh prom… the pinnacle event of every school year. Hours of work go into the decorations and theme, and everyone goes all out on formal wear for that one special night. Teens on average can spend anywhere from $500 to over $1000 according to surveys conducted by Visa and Yahoo Style. That’s on everything, theContinue reading “How I Found My Perfect Prom Dress for Under $50”