Bar Soaps for Face Wash: Low Waste Living on a Budget #3

As I explained in my last installment, barred versions of products are better for the environment due to the fact that they are packaged in less plastic than their bottled counterparts. It is also harder to waste product with a bar of soap and easier to travel with. Today I’m going to be sharing withContinue reading “Bar Soaps for Face Wash: Low Waste Living on a Budget #3”

Why Bargain Brands are My Go-To’s

So it’s no secret that I do most of my shopping at Walmart, whether it be online or in-store. Living in the Midwest, Walmart is everywhere. And even though it has been classified as Target’s trashy sister, I find it to be a great place for me to shop. If you haven’t already figured itContinue reading “Why Bargain Brands are My Go-To’s”