Eco-Friendly Dog Products: Toys, Treats, etc.!

One of the categories in our lives that might seem hardest for us to find eco-friendly alternatives can be our pets, but it shouldn’t have to be that way. Below is a list of some eco-friendly dog supplies brands and products that you can get your furry friend. Together you and your pooch can makeContinue reading “Eco-Friendly Dog Products: Toys, Treats, etc.!”

Trying Love, Beauty, and Planet’s Shampoo Bar: Zero Waste Review

If you keep up with my posts on this blog, then you may be aware of my disdain for a certain company owned by one of the largest plastic waste contributors in the world. Love, Beauty, and Planet is a brand owned by Unilever, a company that owns close to 200 brands, most of whichContinue reading “Trying Love, Beauty, and Planet’s Shampoo Bar: Zero Waste Review”

Great Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): Low Waste Living on a Budget #13

Apple cider vinegar is a vinegar that is made from fermented apple juice and is known for its many health benefits, like aiding in weight loss, lower blood sugar, and strengthening the immune system, among others. Apple cider vinegar also has many other uses besides its health benefits, making it a very versatile product toContinue reading “Great Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): Low Waste Living on a Budget #13”

Low Waste Hair Care Brands: Low Waste Living on a Budget #12

I originally was going to label this “Low Waste Hair Care Products,” but soon I realized that there are a ton of different types of hair care products and as someone with very thick, straight hair, I didn’t want to leave out anyone with curly, natural, or fine hair by just unknowingly only talking aboutContinue reading “Low Waste Hair Care Brands: Low Waste Living on a Budget #12”

Colgate’s New Sustainable Mouthwash Swish – Zero Waste Review

Like I’ve said many times on this blog. My Instagram feed gives me a ton of ideas on what to do for new content, especially now that Instagram Reels has come of age and more people, especially in the zero waste community are using it. I love watching them and getting new ideas and newContinue reading “Colgate’s New Sustainable Mouthwash Swish – Zero Waste Review”

How to Have a More Sustainable Halloween

It’s no secret to any of us that when the holidays come to town, they leave enormous piles of waste in their midst. Halloween is a major contributor to this problem, with synthetic fabric costumes made to wear only one night, plastic decorations that are only trendy for one year, and all of those plasticContinue reading “How to Have a More Sustainable Halloween”

Zero Waste Things You Can Aim To Do Everyday: Low Waste Living On A Budget #9

When it comes to little changes you can make in your life to become zero waste, a little can go a long way. From changes in which products you buy to habitual ones, there are so many things that you can do to help the planet be aware of your own footprint.  Keep in mindContinue reading “Zero Waste Things You Can Aim To Do Everyday: Low Waste Living On A Budget #9”

What are Sustainable Fabrics to Buy?

When it comes to clothing, I think that we are all aware buy now that synthetics like polyester and rayon are not good for our environment, and that we should opt to buy quality clothing made of quality and sustainable fabrics. But you might not really know what fabrics are best to look for. HereContinue reading “What are Sustainable Fabrics to Buy?”

The Hardest Things for Me to Declutter

A lot of times on this blog I talk about categories in my life that I have decluttered with success and how I feel so good afterwards because of it. What I, and I think most minimalists, rarely talk about are the areas in our life where we have problems decluttering. As I was organizingContinue reading “The Hardest Things for Me to Declutter”

The LastSwab by LastObject: Zero Waste Review

Anyone who has read my Zero Waste Wishlist will know that I have been wanting this particular swap for a while. Before jetting off to school again for the fall, I felt like it was the perfect time for me to buy a LastSwab so that I could avoid having to buy cotton swabs forContinue reading “The LastSwab by LastObject: Zero Waste Review”