Creating a Plant Diary: How to Keep Track of all Your Houseplants’ Needs

It’s no secret that I love plants and love having them around me. With stores like Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes opening up their spring and summer garden centers, I have found myself amassing more and more plants in the past month. One thing that has always been challenging for me, is remembering all theContinue reading “Creating a Plant Diary: How to Keep Track of all Your Houseplants’ Needs”

DIY Craft Stick Succulent Planter

If you’ve ever wanted a picture perfect wooden succulent planter that fits perfectly on your window sill then have I got the perfect DIY craft for you. (Note that I am working backwards from making this, so most pictures will show the completed project). Items Needed: Craft Sticks Hot Glue Scissors Wax Paper Acrylic SealerContinue reading “DIY Craft Stick Succulent Planter”

Projects to Upcycle Old T-Shirts

Sometimes you will find yourself with more t-shirts than you can possibly wear, and some in worse shape than others. When that ratty old t-shirt is in such bad shape that you feel bad donating them for someone else to own, or there is some sentimental attachment to the shirt, perhaps upcycling is better. HereContinue reading “Projects to Upcycle Old T-Shirts”

Useful Ways to Reuse Plastic Cups – Zero Waste DIYs

Since going towards a more zero waste lifestyle, I have been running into the problem of still somehow getting plastic cups, whether from the occasional trip to McDonald’s or the campus coffee shop. Instead of throwing away these plastic cups, I’ve been trying to find some ways to reuse them in order to save themContinue reading “Useful Ways to Reuse Plastic Cups – Zero Waste DIYs”