Native’s New Paper Packaging: A Win for The Environment

Native is known as being one of the best mainstream natural/aluminum free deodorants on the market right now, but I still felt a little guilty buying it over some other alternative since it came in plastic. I know that a lot of people in the zero waste community, including myself, reached out to Native askingContinue reading “Native’s New Paper Packaging: A Win for The Environment”

Alum Stone/Crystal Deodorants: Zero Waste Review

When it comes to personal hygiene, deodorant is a pretty essential thing to have. No matter where you live or how active you really are, one thing is for certain: you will sweat and it will smell. When researching sustainable and more natural alternatives to the common deodorants found in stores, one option kept poppingContinue reading “Alum Stone/Crystal Deodorants: Zero Waste Review”