My Problem with Most Sustainable Fashion Companies: Zero Waste Rant

I want to preface this as me saying that I don’t have a problem with every single sustainable fashion brand out there on the market. However, there is one thing that I’m really getting tired of seeing popping up on my Instagram and Pinterest feeds, and that is another new sustainable basics fashion brand.  IContinue reading “My Problem with Most Sustainable Fashion Companies: Zero Waste Rant”

Why I Hate Eco-Friendly Product Lines: Zero Waste Rant

Get buckled in cause this one is going to get a little hairy. I recently posted an article over how to spot a greenwashing company (article here), and by the end of writing that, I could feel myself getting heated over the topic and how it puts advertising in a bad light. If you didn’tContinue reading “Why I Hate Eco-Friendly Product Lines: Zero Waste Rant”

How to Spot a Greenwashing Company

For those of you that don’t know, I am a college student in my senior year majoring in advertising. My whole blog stemmed from a personal branding assignment in one of my classes that evolved to concentrate on my New Year’s Resolution to become a more ethical and sustainable consumer. Imagine my surprise when IContinue reading “How to Spot a Greenwashing Company”

What is TerraCycle and How to Use It

If you look on the back of some plastic products, you may have noticed an infinity style logo for a company called TerraCycle where you would normally see a regular old recycling icon. So what is TerraCycle and how can you utilize it? TerraCycle is a privately owned, U.S. based recycling company that works toContinue reading “What is TerraCycle and How to Use It”

For Days: Zero Waste Review

I am so excited to be writing this because this is the first time that I am working with a company to bring you guys a review! Before we start though, I think that there are somethings that I should point out. I was the one that contacted For Days about working together. These itemsContinue reading “For Days: Zero Waste Review”