12 Things I No Longer Buy

Consumerism is definitely a large problem in the United States. We buy things that we don’t need to impress people that we don’t like. Some people see shopping as a coping mechanism for when they feel down in the dumps or need to relieve some stress. I will admit that I was once this way.Continue reading “12 Things I No Longer Buy”

Try Doing Without

I talked about doing without as an important zero waste rule in a few of my previous articles, but I thought maybe this was a good time with the pandemic to expand upon this principle even more. Doing without is one of the fundamental principles of zero waste since the best way to make sureContinue reading “Try Doing Without”

Thrifting Only for a Year: My New Year’s Resolution

As 2020 comes to a start, I’ve found that my major goal this year is to spend less and be a more ethical consumer. I’m really looking to save money, but when I spend it, I want to give it towards products and companies that have ethical practices and create products with a low impactContinue reading “Thrifting Only for a Year: My New Year’s Resolution”

Buying from Companies with a Cause

I don’t think I need to tell you about the new shopping trend that’s happening with Millennials and Generation Z, but I’m going to because it’s important. Buying from companies with a cause. The younger generation wants to know that their money is going towards something that matters and not just a multi-million dollar corporationContinue reading “Buying from Companies with a Cause”