Good Molecules Affordable Skincare: Zero Waste Review

My Instagram feed has been giving me plenty to write about this past month, and it also has been causing me to spend a bit more money than I would like to admit. An ad that I got recently that I had never seen before was from a brand called Good Molecules. They boast offeringContinue reading “Good Molecules Affordable Skincare: Zero Waste Review”

Bar Soaps for Body Wash: Low Waste Living on a Budget #2

Now I know that we won’t have the snafu that we ran into last time, because to be honest, if you find a bar of soap that costs more than $30, then you’re just doing something wrong.  Products in bar form are going to feature heavily in this series, as it is one of theContinue reading “Bar Soaps for Body Wash: Low Waste Living on a Budget #2”

Native’s New Paper Packaging: A Win for The Environment

Native is known as being one of the best mainstream natural/aluminum free deodorants on the market right now, but I still felt a little guilty buying it over some other alternative since it came in plastic. I know that a lot of people in the zero waste community, including myself, reached out to Native askingContinue reading “Native’s New Paper Packaging: A Win for The Environment”

The Hardest Zero Waste Swaps for Me to Find

I have been diligently trying to switch my life to being more sustainable and ethical one product at a time, but as seasons change, and new predicaments in my life pop up, I’m finding that there are just some zero waste swaps that I cannot find to fit my life.  This is very frustrating toContinue reading “The Hardest Zero Waste Swaps for Me to Find”

Safety Razors Under $30: Low Waste Living on a Budget #1

I’m starting off my newest series with one of the best swaps I’ve made so far, and that is the safety razor. Now many of you may know that the safety razor that I use is by LeafShave and comes in at around $80 (review here). For many people, $80 is a hefty price tagContinue reading “Safety Razors Under $30: Low Waste Living on a Budget #1”

My Problem with Most Sustainable Fashion Companies: Zero Waste Rant

I want to preface this as me saying that I don’t have a problem with every single sustainable fashion brand out there on the market. However, there is one thing that I’m really getting tired of seeing popping up on my Instagram and Pinterest feeds, and that is another new sustainable basics fashion brand.  IContinue reading “My Problem with Most Sustainable Fashion Companies: Zero Waste Rant”

Leaf Shave Razor: 6+ Months Later

Okay, so I talk about this razor a ton on my blog, but it is for good reason. I wasn’t even going to write an update for this razor, but something happened recently that I thought I should point out to any of you guys still on the fence about getting one.  First off, letContinue reading “Leaf Shave Razor: 6+ Months Later”

Why I Hate Eco-Friendly Product Lines: Zero Waste Rant

Get buckled in cause this one is going to get a little hairy. I recently posted an article over how to spot a greenwashing company (article here), and by the end of writing that, I could feel myself getting heated over the topic and how it puts advertising in a bad light. If you didn’tContinue reading “Why I Hate Eco-Friendly Product Lines: Zero Waste Rant”

How to Spot a Greenwashing Company

For those of you that don’t know, I am a college student in my senior year majoring in advertising. My whole blog stemmed from a personal branding assignment in one of my classes that evolved to concentrate on my New Year’s Resolution to become a more ethical and sustainable consumer. Imagine my surprise when IContinue reading “How to Spot a Greenwashing Company”

Zero Waste Swaps that You Should Never Go Out and Buy

It’s very tempting when you’re starting zero waste to just go out and buy what you don’t have, and for some things, like safety razor or reusable menstrual cup, that makes sense since you don’t already own one of those. But for so many other swaps that you see on the internet, I can guaranteeContinue reading “Zero Waste Swaps that You Should Never Go Out and Buy”