Trying the No Poo Method (For Real This Time): Week 1 and 2

The no poo method, or no shampoo method for anyone new here, is a process of forgoing traditional shampoo and conditioner for more natural ways to wash your hair in order to rid yourself of unnecessary chemicals and also all the plastic packaging that they come in. I’ve tried to go no poo in theContinue reading “Trying the No Poo Method (For Real This Time): Week 1 and 2”

I Bought a Sewing Machine

You’ve read the title, you probably already know the gist of what I’m going to talk about. If you’ve seen or read my New Year’s resolution post, then you know why I’ve gone ahead and invested in a sewing machine. To say that I love thrifting clothes, or just thrifting/antiquing in general, is an understatement.Continue reading “I Bought a Sewing Machine”

Update: 4 Months with the LastSwab

So when I made my original review for the LastSwab, I really wasn’t that impressed (review here). Marketing made me believe that the LastSwab would be the last swab I ever bought, but then their packaging said that the LastSwab only actually lasted for about 1,000 uses. And then the build of the swab wasContinue reading “Update: 4 Months with the LastSwab”

Easy Zero Waste/Sustainable New Year’s Resolution Ideas

As 2021 approaches, it is important to reflect on the past year, but also to look at what you can do to better yourself, and perhaps the planet. Below are some easy New Year’s resolutions that you can incorporate into your own routine. Reusable Grocery Bags This is perhaps the first swap that many peopleContinue reading “Easy Zero Waste/Sustainable New Year’s Resolution Ideas”

My Zero Waste/Eco-Minimalist New Year’s Resolutions

It’s crazy to think but 2021 is right around the corner (thank the powers that be!). This whole blog started one year ago with my want to become a more sustainable and ethical consumer, and I can’t believe it has already been a year! I think that this year has had some ups and definitelyContinue reading “My Zero Waste/Eco-Minimalist New Year’s Resolutions”

Update: Love, Beauty, and Planet Shampoo Bar with Soft Water

So this October, I posted a review about Love, Beauty, and Planet’s shampoo bars (review here), but I ran into a little problem. I was at my college campus, which only gives me access to hard water in my apartment. If you don’t already know, some shampoo bars just do not work with hard water,Continue reading “Update: Love, Beauty, and Planet Shampoo Bar with Soft Water”

How to Thrift/Secondhand Shop on Etsy

Since quarantine 2.0 seems to be inching its way closer and closer around the corner, I’ve mostly resulted to looking for things to buy online in my boredom. It is a terrible habit that I have only broken in the sense that I do not actually buy any of the things that I shop forContinue reading “How to Thrift/Secondhand Shop on Etsy”

My End of Year Declutter: What I’m Getting Rid Of Before 2021

It’s that time again where I just feel over encumbered by so much stuff in my life, which normally means that it is time for a good ole purge of all my stuff. With 2021 just around the corner, I feel like it is almost poetic to end the year off with a good declutter.Continue reading “My End of Year Declutter: What I’m Getting Rid Of Before 2021”

EcoEgg Laundry Detergent: 8 Month Update

May of 2020, after being sent home from campus due to COVID-19 and finishing classes at home, I had a ton of free time to do some research and a little extra cash to spend on a few new products. I found that my laundry routine was lacking in sustainability, so I looked for aContinue reading “EcoEgg Laundry Detergent: 8 Month Update”

Updated 2021 Zero Waste Wishlist

Whenever I talk about zero waste and zero waste swaps, I always try to stress the importance of either doing without, finding other alternatives with things that you already have, or even trying to make it yourself instead of buying that swap outright. But what about for products that you can’t really do that forContinue reading “Updated 2021 Zero Waste Wishlist”