Low Waste Grocery Shopping Tips and Tricks: Low Waste Living on a Budget #8

When it comes to low waste living, no category of your life is as wasteful as groceries. Unlike other categories, groceries have to be bought every month in order for you to live, since food and drink are necessities in life. Changing your buying habits when it comes to food is perhaps one of theContinue reading “Low Waste Grocery Shopping Tips and Tricks: Low Waste Living on a Budget #8”

My Favorite Products for Repurposed Glass

One of the big learning curves of becoming zero waste is to find value in what we would normally just throw away. Reusing and repurposing are probable two of the biggest guidelines that anyone trying to live a more sustainable life can do to cut down on their waste and overall footprint. One of myContinue reading “My Favorite Products for Repurposed Glass”

Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea

When it comes to being a tea drinker, I am not really big into green tea, fruit flavored tea, or tea’s flavored to taste like your favorite confectionary sweet. As a child, whenever I was sick with a sore throat, my mother always made Lipton tea with added honey to soothe my throat. To me,Continue reading “Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea”

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping in Walmart: My Experience

As a very budget-conscious college student living in Sioux City, Iowa, I don’t have many zero waste shops at my disposal to shop at whenever I need groceries. Whenever I go shopping for anything, I mostly go to Dollar Tree and Walmart. This can be very hard to shop plastic-free, and I have yet toContinue reading “Zero Waste Grocery Shopping in Walmart: My Experience”