April House Plant Tour

It has been two months since my last plant tour and I have definitely added a few new plants to my collection. You may notice some plants are missing since my last plat update. I assure you that they are alive and well, they have just been gifted to friends and family. African Violet SoContinue reading “April House Plant Tour”

Students and the Coronavirus: What the Virus is Doing to Us

I am currently in my junior year of college as of today, and next week is finals week for my now online classes. As a part of the Class of 2021, there is a lot up in the air so far with my college as for what my senior year is going to look like,Continue reading “Students and the Coronavirus: What the Virus is Doing to Us”

Creating a Plant Diary: How to Keep Track of all Your Houseplants’ Needs

It’s no secret that I love plants and love having them around me. With stores like Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes opening up their spring and summer garden centers, I have found myself amassing more and more plants in the past month. One thing that has always been challenging for me, is remembering all theContinue reading “Creating a Plant Diary: How to Keep Track of all Your Houseplants’ Needs”

DIY Craft Stick Succulent Planter

If you’ve ever wanted a picture perfect wooden succulent planter that fits perfectly on your window sill then have I got the perfect DIY craft for you. (Note that I am working backwards from making this, so most pictures will show the completed project). Items Needed: Craft Sticks Hot Glue Scissors Wax Paper Acrylic SealerContinue reading “DIY Craft Stick Succulent Planter”

Amazing Etsy Products For Any Plant Person

In this pandemic, it is important for us more now than ever to support small businesses. One of the best online sites that hosts small businesses is Etsy. I scoured Etsy for some of the cutest and coolest products for any plant person in your life. The mug that started the whole idea for thisContinue reading “Amazing Etsy Products For Any Plant Person”

Quarantine: Good for Public Health, Terrible for the Environment.

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that at this moment, the coronavirus, COVID-19, is making its way across the planet, causing fear and hysteria. It has been recommended by the CDC and WHO that every one should stay inside for at least two weeks to help stop the spread of the virus,Continue reading “Quarantine: Good for Public Health, Terrible for the Environment.”

Great Finds that You Can Get Thrifting

Buying things secondhand is one of the best ways to reduce your waste and save a ton of money. The one thing that I think comes to most people’s minds when thrifting is clothing, but there are a ton of other great goodies that you can find at any thrift store if you look longContinue reading “Great Finds that You Can Get Thrifting”

Projects to Upcycle Old T-Shirts

Sometimes you will find yourself with more t-shirts than you can possibly wear, and some in worse shape than others. When that ratty old t-shirt is in such bad shape that you feel bad donating them for someone else to own, or there is some sentimental attachment to the shirt, perhaps upcycling is better. HereContinue reading “Projects to Upcycle Old T-Shirts”

The Best Zero Waste Swaps I’ve Made So Far – Two Month Check-In

I started my zero waste journey almost two months ago, and I think that I’ve already made some great progress on minimizing my negative impact on the environment. I am by no means perfect yet, but this lifestyle has opened me up to a new way of thinking and let me flex my problem-solving musclesContinue reading “The Best Zero Waste Swaps I’ve Made So Far – Two Month Check-In”