I Switched All of My Houseplants to Leca (Semi-Hydroponics)

Let me spin you a tale of one of the biggest endeavors that I have ever attempted as a plant mom. I had been researching switching all of my plants to leca a while ago, but after moving into my apartment for college and bringing my plants into a smaller space, I experienced the worstContinue reading “I Switched All of My Houseplants to Leca (Semi-Hydroponics)”

I Bought a Metal Straw…

I wrote a blog post not long ago that was me explaining my utter disdain for metal straws and the hype around them (article here). It came to my attention shortly after that when I moved back to college and began living life away from home and the many comforts of home, that maybe havingContinue reading “I Bought a Metal Straw…”

Low Waste Grocery Shopping Tips and Tricks: Low Waste Living on a Budget #8

When it comes to low waste living, no category of your life is as wasteful as groceries. Unlike other categories, groceries have to be bought every month in order for you to live, since food and drink are necessities in life. Changing your buying habits when it comes to food is perhaps one of theContinue reading “Low Waste Grocery Shopping Tips and Tricks: Low Waste Living on a Budget #8”

Castile Soap, The Versatile Cleaner: Low Waste Living on a Budget #7

Castile soap is one of those things that comes along and makes you wonder, what can’t it do? I’ve featured castile soap in this series a few times, and I thought that it was just too versatile of a product not to have it’s own featured installment. So what is castile soap and what makesContinue reading “Castile Soap, The Versatile Cleaner: Low Waste Living on a Budget #7”

What are Sustainable Fabrics to Buy?

When it comes to clothing, I think that we are all aware buy now that synthetics like polyester and rayon are not good for our environment, and that we should opt to buy quality clothing made of quality and sustainable fabrics. But you might not really know what fabrics are best to look for. HereContinue reading “What are Sustainable Fabrics to Buy?”

Shop Secondhand First: Low Waste Living on a Budget #6

Let me tell you something, you honestly wouldn’t believe the things that people just give away to thrift stores. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of full furniture sets, fancy dinnerware, and upscale brand clothes that I have seen in my time thrifting. If I had a home of my own there wouldContinue reading “Shop Secondhand First: Low Waste Living on a Budget #6”

The Hardest Things for Me to Declutter

A lot of times on this blog I talk about categories in my life that I have decluttered with success and how I feel so good afterwards because of it. What I, and I think most minimalists, rarely talk about are the areas in our life where we have problems decluttering. As I was organizingContinue reading “The Hardest Things for Me to Declutter”

Conducting a No-Buy: Low Waste Living on a Budget #5

This is one behavior change that is great for anyone on any budget because you don’t have to spend money on anything, in fact, that is the whole point! A no-buy is a set period where you are not allowed to buy anything extra that you don’t need. If it isn’t essential for you toContinue reading “Conducting a No-Buy: Low Waste Living on a Budget #5”

How I’m Making My College Apartment Low Waste

My goal this year is to try and make my college apartment with my wonderful roommate as low waste as we can. Some of it is going to be more of a challenge than others, but I am up for it to try and make a positive impact this year.  1st Change: No Paper TowelsContinue reading “How I’m Making My College Apartment Low Waste”

Uncommon Swaps for Going Zero Waste

When you think of going zero waste and making those zero waste swaps, I’m sure the same things just seem to come to mind: metal straws, reusable water bottles, canvas grocery bags, bamboo toothbrushes, and maybe even a safety razor. After you buy all of those things, it might seem harder and harder to findContinue reading “Uncommon Swaps for Going Zero Waste”