Trying No Poo (For Real This Time): Week 3

If you haven’t read my first article of this series, Trying No Poo (For Real This Time): Week 1 & 2, I suggest that you read that one first so that you can get a little better background on what I’ve done so far in my journey of attempting to go no poo. Week Three:Continue reading “Trying No Poo (For Real This Time): Week 3”

I No Longer Can Stand Hyper-Consumerism: A Zero Waste Rant

We live in a society that is measured in likes, shares, and comments, where instant gratification is expected with everything we do. Hyper-consumerism is at an all time high, and you can see it all over the internet, from massive video unboxings, to influencer brand deals for products that are just barely relevant to notContinue reading “I No Longer Can Stand Hyper-Consumerism: A Zero Waste Rant”

Trying the No Poo Method (For Real This Time): Week 1 and 2

The no poo method, or no shampoo method for anyone new here, is a process of forgoing traditional shampoo and conditioner for more natural ways to wash your hair in order to rid yourself of unnecessary chemicals and also all the plastic packaging that they come in. I’ve tried to go no poo in theContinue reading “Trying the No Poo Method (For Real This Time): Week 1 and 2”

I Bought a Sewing Machine

You’ve read the title, you probably already know the gist of what I’m going to talk about. If you’ve seen or read my New Year’s resolution post, then you know why I’ve gone ahead and invested in a sewing machine. To say that I love thrifting clothes, or just thrifting/antiquing in general, is an understatement.Continue reading “I Bought a Sewing Machine”

Update: 4 Months with the LastSwab

So when I made my original review for the LastSwab, I really wasn’t that impressed (review here). Marketing made me believe that the LastSwab would be the last swab I ever bought, but then their packaging said that the LastSwab only actually lasted for about 1,000 uses. And then the build of the swab wasContinue reading “Update: 4 Months with the LastSwab”