My End of Year Declutter: What I’m Getting Rid Of Before 2021

It’s that time again where I just feel over encumbered by so much stuff in my life, which normally means that it is time for a good ole purge of all my stuff. With 2021 just around the corner, I feel like it is almost poetic to end the year off with a good declutter. A lot of this is going to be closet based, but I will be trying to get rid of some things that aren’t clothing.

To do this, I’m using this ultimate decluttering checklist to go through most of my stuff:

Now, I probably won’t even use half of this list because I don’t have half of this stuff as a college student. So for my declutter, I will be doing the Wardrobe, Personal Care, Entertainment, DIY, and Sentimental. But if you have a full house to declutter, I highly recommend doing all of these categories in order to thoroughly declutter your own home.


Now this is definitely the category in which I need the most decluttering. Even with my “no new clothes” rule and only buying secondhand, I have still somehow accumulated more clothing than I can really wear. Recently, I have been looking into creating capsule wardrobes that consist of 6 categories: winter, spring, fall, summer, work, and active.

With capsule wardrobes, you can go as strict or as lax as you want it to be. I’ve seen people create capsule wardrobe with less than 10 pieces of clothing, while some people’s idea of a capsule wardrobe is more like 40 pieces. The whole point of a capsule wardrobe is to limit the amount of clothing in your wardrobe so that it is easier to get dressed in the morning and you are actually wearing clothing that you like and enjoy wearing.

Definitely for this category, I have a ton of shirts that I just need to bite the bullet and donate. They sit in my drawer and maybe get worn every one and a while. I also just want to get to the point where I don’t just wear t-shirts and sweatpants everyday, as I’ve read that getting dressed up and wearing more sophisticated clothing than your normal basics can also have an affect on your self image, productivity, and overall mental health.

Personal Care

Now I consider my bathroom to be the most sustainable area of my life right now, and part of that is due to the amount of zero waste products that are available in the skincare and beauty space. Nevertheless, I do believe that you can never stop improving your routines and limiting your waste. With this category, it is less about getting rid of what I don’t use, but more of a limiting what I do use. I personally don’t think that you need to have a 25 step skincare routine to have great skin, so evaluating my own routines and seeing wherever their maybe an extra step could be beneficial.


I am definitely a cable hoarder, and it is simply because I have that idea in my head that I never know when I might need a charging cable for X, Y, or Z. That is definitely a habit that I have to break in general: saving for those “just in case” moments. I buy a lot of my games digitally now, so video games aren’t so much of a problem for me.


Now this is a category that really needs something done. I’ve talked before about my art supplies problem, and although I haven’t gone out and really bought anything new to add to my collection, it just hasn’t really dwindled down any. Art supplies wasn’t really included under DIY in the list above, but I consider it to be in that category myself. the problem with art supplies is that it is much better to use it up than to just throw it away, and the artist in me can’t justify throwing away perfectly good canvases and paint when they could become art. This spring, I will be especially try my best to use up as much as I can in order to get my supplies down to a reasonable amount.


I was recently thinking about all the things in my keepsake box at home and thought to myself how I can’t bear to part with things that I have stashed away and almost never even see. I mean, things are sentimental for a reason, either someone special gave it to you or owned it themselves, or they hold memories for you, but I still posit the question: do I really need it? Honestly, I might never get rid of some of the things in that keepsake box, but I would like to try and see if maybe there are a few select items that I would be willing to let go.

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