Native Birds Bamboo Toothbrush: Zero Waste Review

So let me start this off with the fact that normally I wouldn’t review a regular manual toothbrush, but I felt like this was necessary because I honestly get asked a lot what kind of bamboo toothbrush that I use. Up until recently, I was using the bamboo toothbrushes that my mom found for me at Walmart by Equate. They were okay and came in cardboard packaging, but I was so disappointed when I found out that the brushes inside the box were individually wrapped in plastic.

The Equate pack came with two toothbrushes, and I only replace my toothbrush every three months, so it’s been about six months. My last toothbrush was getting gross so I decided that it was time to find myself a new toothbrush. I knew that I didn’t want to get the Equate toothbrushes again, and I had already searched my local Target for any alternatives, but I ultimately found nothing.

So instead, I looked on Amazon. I avoided the very obviously greenwashed and drop shipped products until I found this listing by Native Birds:

Now I did get the listing that included the tongue scraper (review on that to come). But basically if you were to just get the four toothbrushes for $9.99, it comes out to be around $2.50 a brush. Which isn’t terrible.

The package came and I unboxed it to find absolutely ZERO plastic packaging. Each toothbrush and the tongue scraper came in a recyclable cardboard box with no plastic in sight. Part of me was a little scared that I would open the boxes and find each brush individually wrapped in plastic like I had with the Equate brushes, but thankfully I was wrong.


I’m not going to go into how to use a toothbrush, since I’m overly positive that all of us have known how to use a toothbrush since preschool, but I do have some things to say about my experience in using it.

First of all, I really enjoy the shape of the Native Birds handle. The cylindrical handle is much more comfortable to hold compared to other bamboo brushes that I’ve used. I also love the fact that each brush has the bottom of the handle painted, since I’ve had problems with mold growing on the bottom of my other brushes due to the steam of the bathroom and any extra water that might have accumulated in the bottom of my toothbrush holder.

The bristles on the brush are super soft, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t clean your teeth well. I’ve been brushing like normal and have actually notice my teeth getting squeaky clean. Like actually squeaking while brushing, which is something that I’ve never experienced before.

I also just love the fact that these brushes came in zero plastic packaging, so I think that they are a great alternative for people looking to switch to a bamboo toothbrush but can’t find them anywhere in stores.

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