Sustainably Grace Redbubble

When I started this blog, I had no real idea how much of a passion it would become for me. I love to write about sustainability, my zero waste journey, and just create content for you guys to all enjoy. As many of you know, advertising and design is what I’m going to college for, and I haven’t really let myself allow my creative/artistic side meld with my sustainable and eco-conscious side. I decided that now was as good of time as any to let that happen, so I created a Redbubble shop.

For those of you that don’t know, Redbubble is a place where artists can put their artwork and have it be printed and made onto just about anything clothing/home decor-wise. Redbubble handles all of the printing, shipping, and other business aspects, and artists get whatever percent of a markup that they choose.

I really want to try and turn my passion of doing this blog into something more, but that really comes at a cost. I have basically made all of the content for you guys on here with money out of my own pocket, which is no small feat for a broke college student. It would be really great if I had some other source of income that would allow me to go out and buy some of those more expensive swaps that many companies are coming out with so that I could review them for you guys and give you my honest, outright opinion.

This Redbubble shop is just one little way that you can help support me and my passion, but also make way for some awesome content for yourselves to be able to dig your teeth into. I’m not expecting everyone who sees my blog to by something, but there are some of you here that have been big supporters of mine since the beginning that I think might like what I put out there.

I currently at this moment in time have about 4 designs on the shop, and I’m working on more each day. I’m going to be posting to Instagram whenever I add new things to the shop, so if you want to stay updated, be sure to follow me on @sustainably_grace!

For now, you can find links to all my designs here on the blog on my new Redbubble/Store page.

I again just want to thank you all who have been supporting me for so long and taking your time to read, comment, and like my posts. I enjoy all of your feedback immensely and I hope you like what’s to come!

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