I Bought Zero Waste Skincare and Hair Products from an Etsy Seller

By the end of April, I could see that my shampoo bar, facial cleansing bar, and body lotion that I normally buy were running a little low. Instead of buying the same products from the same brands that I normally do, I decided that it was time for me to branch out and help aContinue reading “I Bought Zero Waste Skincare and Hair Products from an Etsy Seller”

For Days: Zero Waste Review

I am so excited to be writing this because this is the first time that I am working with a company to bring you guys a review! Before we start though, I think that there are somethings that I should point out. I was the one that contacted For Days about working together. These itemsContinue reading “For Days: Zero Waste Review”

Try Doing Without

I talked about doing without as an important zero waste rule in a few of my previous articles, but I thought maybe this was a good time with the pandemic to expand upon this principle even more. Doing without is one of the fundamental principles of zero waste since the best way to make sureContinue reading “Try Doing Without”

The Four Important Rules of Zero Waste

Using What You Already Have As a huge part of my zero waste journey, I have had to learn one of the more important rules of living a low waste life. Using up what you already have. It is a simple rule that many people who are attempting zero waste don’t even realize. But usingContinue reading “The Four Important Rules of Zero Waste”