Some Cool Zero Waste Etsy Shops

In this pandemic, it is important for us more now than ever to support small businesses. One of the best online sites that hosts small businesses is Etsy. Here are some zero waste/low waste centered Etsy shops that could make your journey into living more sustainably a little easier.


TheEcoHippie’s shop slogan is “Peace Out Disposables!”

They have a ton of things for the beginner zero waste enthusiast including reusable paperless towels, reusable coffee filters, bamboo travel sets, produce and grocery bags, and even some cute tie dye baby onesies. With over 400 sales, this shop boasts a 5 star rating and is owned by Courtney Patterson, a top-rated Etsy seller.


EthicalBeeShop boasts being zero waste and vegan. They have a lot of options for reusable kitchen towels and biodegradable garbage bags. While they only have 15 listings, they have great prices on quality products.


TheEcoWay is another smaller Etsy shop with only 9 items for your home and kitchen. Their Natural Sisal Hemp and Beech Wood Dish Brush come with replacement heads so you can keep the handle and just compost the brush heads. They also sell sets of reusable silicone bags that are similar to Stasher Bags and reusable bamboo kitchen towels.


HumbleSuds is an shop that makes plant-based cleaning products. Their products come in glass or other recyclable materials. They also have a listing for refills of their products!

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