The Best Zero Waste Swaps I’ve Made So Far – Two Month Check-In

I started my zero waste journey almost two months ago, and I think that I’ve already made some great progress on minimizing my negative impact on the environment. I am by no means perfect yet, but this lifestyle has opened me up to a new way of thinking and let me flex my problem-solving musclesContinue reading “The Best Zero Waste Swaps I’ve Made So Far – Two Month Check-In”

My Favorite Products for Repurposed Glass

One of the big learning curves of becoming zero waste is to find value in what we would normally just throw away. Reusing and repurposing are probable two of the biggest guidelines that anyone trying to live a more sustainable life can do to cut down on their waste and overall footprint. One of myContinue reading “My Favorite Products for Repurposed Glass”

February House Plant Tour

It is no secret that I love plants and enjoy nurturing them to get them to grow larger, fuller, and more beautiful. I take much pride in being a crazy plant lady and I’m not kidding when I tell you that I am running out of space in my window for all my plants atContinue reading “February House Plant Tour”

The Importance of Saying No.

No is a powerful word and one that always seems to harbor negative connotations. But what if I told you that adding the word “no” to your everyday vocabulary could be one of the most positive things in your life? Seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? The word “no” is known to us as aContinue reading “The Importance of Saying No.”

Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea

When it comes to being a tea drinker, I am not really big into green tea, fruit flavored tea, or tea’s flavored to taste like your favorite confectionary sweet. As a child, whenever I was sick with a sore throat, my mother always made Lipton tea with added honey to soothe my throat. To me,Continue reading “Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea”

How to Keep an African Violet Alive

African Violets are known for their velvet leaves and their beautiful deep purple, magenta, and white flowers. They are a beautiful addition to any window sill, but are notorious for being fickle and hard to care for. My grandmother kept African violets in her home since I was a little girl, and she always said,Continue reading “How to Keep an African Violet Alive”

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping in Walmart: My Experience

As a very budget-conscious college student living in Sioux City, Iowa, I don’t have many zero waste shops at my disposal to shop at whenever I need groceries. Whenever I go shopping for anything, I mostly go to Dollar Tree and Walmart. This can be very hard to shop plastic-free, and I have yet toContinue reading “Zero Waste Grocery Shopping in Walmart: My Experience”

Zero Waste and Eco-Friendly Laundry

Around 1 billion laundry jugs are thrown away annually in just the United States alone, and that’s a big problem. Some companies are trying to find solutions to these problems to help cut down on the waste produced from laundry detergent. This list has a few zero-waste options, as well as some biodegradable solutions toContinue reading “Zero Waste and Eco-Friendly Laundry”

How I Keep My Workout Routine Zero Waste

As a part of my zero-waste journey, I have had to make some changes to my current schedule and lifestyle. I started getting into fitness and weight-lifting late last year and since then, I have really taken a notice to how wasteful the health and fitness industry can be. So here is how I tryContinue reading “How I Keep My Workout Routine Zero Waste”